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I’m here watching the San Jose Sharks host the St. Louis Blues on NHL Network.

The Blues are up 1-0 in the 2nd of a very physical game. Dan Boyle left for the locker room (and has since returned) apparently hit by a puck in the face. And all the great action is broken up by a reporter on the Sharks bench, asking a player questions during the action. The player had no interest in talking to the awkwardly placed reporter – though I understand the young man is only doing his job.

Between this, managers being interviewed during the middle of a MLB inning and football coaches being asked a question on their way to the locker room at half-time, it is such an annoyance and waste of resources. Mic up a guy and just capture what is really happening if you have the production cash and the access.

Interview them after the event. Let them play (or coach) the game.