Andre Dawson, outfielder and 8-time All-Star, will be inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame July 25, 2010.

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America, deemed it so earlier today. His quotes express gratitude and humility, but seeing as baseball is a team sport, I find it odd that he is not part of a class of players going in together. Is he being sold short? Sure he’ll be inducted with manager Whitey Herzog and umpire Doug Harvey, but none of his peers.

One of the exciting parts of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s induction every year is the group of men sharing the experience. They look giddy, youthful and part of something bigger than just their individual career.

It is an honor Dawson will not be picky about as his 20 year body of work in the majors is recognized. It places him in elite company after producing and sacrificing (I read he has had 12 knee surgeries and 2 knee replacements, and may not be done) for years and years.

Congrats Mr. Dawson, and I’m sure nothing can take away this special moment in your life/career, but I wish there was at least one other player joining you on that special day later this summer. One of the greatest aspects of sport is the camaraderie each and every experience provides – but seeing as you were extremely versatile on the field, I’m sure you’ll be resourceful and find a way to include the players closest to you.