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Congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide and their 37-21 national championship game victory over Texas.

I don’t know Nick Saban, but I’ve worked with a bunch of people who have ties to him. I know he’s a tremendous football coach but it isn’t really him or any of his players that make me excited for the University of Alabama tonight. It is Ozzie Newsome, GM & Executive VP of the Baltimore Ravens, and Bruce Arians, offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who I’m most excited for this evening.

Both men celebrate the legend of Bear Bryant and the tradition and history of the Crimson Tide. I’m assuming it was Coach Bryant who instilled the deep love and respect for of the game of football that Newsome and Arians wear like a medal every day.

With a great deal on each of their plates this week, both men needed this chance to be a fan and just enjoy the sport of football. Newsome’s Ravens are preparing to face Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots in an AFC Wild Card match-up. Going on the road to face a franchise that can be considered a dynasty is quite a task.

All rumor (thank you PFT and your always excellent coverage) Arians’ crazy experience took him from being the offensive coordinator of the Steelers, to thinking he might not be with the team by the end of the week, and now supposedly confirmed as returning – based on his relationship with Big Ben.

The Tide rolled and hopefully allowed these two great men, who work their tails off day in and day out, to enjoy an evening of the sport they love.