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The Versus network has launched a new beta version of Versus.com.

I’ll start at the navigation. I’m not a fan of a site where you have to click on a main navigation item to figure out what is in that bucket. Pretty frustrating and it immediately makes me not want to come back or spend any time initially.

The super large image is interesting and could be really strong, so I’ll wait until I see new images in there. Overall, I think it feels like the large image idea is a couple years old and that information is more important, especially for a property that covers such a diverse range of topics.

Don’t want to be too negative, so probably in my best interest to cut this entry short. I guess I appreciate the attempt at a magazine look and feel in the main body as you scroll down, but for some reason it just isn’t doing it for me. Hopefully this is taken as constructive criticism – and it is only a beta launch – so putting it out to the wolves serves a purpose.

I look forward to seeing how it evolves and how long this beta period will last.

UPDATE (1/20/2010):

The large images are being treated differently, with one focal point in full color in the foreground and everything else put behind a darkened shade. Makes it look so much better. Nice job on that adjustment, Versus.