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Leave it to the city of New Orleans to host a party that just won’t stop. It took the Saints overtime to knock the Vikings out of the playoffs and earn their first ever Super Bowl appearance.

The Saints scratched and clawed, and that approach led to Vikings fumbles and interceptions and an eventual New Orleans victory.

I can’t wait to see this game and hope the weather is better than when the Colts won the championship in Miami 4 years ago. The last two teams to lose in the regular season, the top seeds in their respective conferences. This is what should happen, but rarely does anymore (I think they said 1994 was the last time two #1 seeds both made the Super Bowl).

Either way, it should be very entertaining with high-powered offenses and opportunistic, quick defenses – and of course, Matt Stover, who on gameday would become the oldest player to ever participate in a Super Bowl.

Let the media frenzy begin and the all-important question: who will Archie Manning cheer for?