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NFL.com Preview & Gamecenter: Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

Saints quarterback Drew Brees is one of my three favorite players in the league (Ravens safety Ed Reed and Jets linebacker Bart Scott being the others).

Every week I would pat him on the back in terms of calling out his great play to other fans. Unfortunately, as someone who will be cheering for New Orleans, I think the Vikings are going to be “patting him on the back” too often today. Based on the pressure the Cowboys got on Brees in week 15, it could potentially be a long day facing the Williams wall and Jared Allen.

Here is the tough part: Sean Payton and Drew Brees work incredibly together. They are smart and can adapt with their arsenal of outside and inside threats.  They recognize what happened in the Cowboys game and are devising ways around those traps and the updated version, complete with mullet, of the purple people eaters.

These are just gut instincts, as I’ve reviewed no tape and haven’t watched the Saints enough in detail this season to see whether or not they did make adjustements between the end of the season and the playoff game against the Cardinals. And there’s always that guy Reggie Bush, who may provide the necessary x-factor.

Based on head and not heart – My pick: Vikings 31 – Saints 30.