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I didn’t get much of a chance to see what was happening in the world of sports news earlier today, but still had a pretty important trade dropped on my lap via a co-worker. It was an instant message revealing forward Steve McJannet was traded from the ECHL’s Florida Everblades to the Utah Grizzlies.
It doesn’t impact the Capitals or the NHL, but it was a big deal because my “source” was Steve’s brother Chris, an incredibly talented and passionate senior Flash developer I work with and have also played ice hockey with on occasion.
Chris’ family is from Ottawa and he is a proud Canadian who loves the fact his brother plays at such a high level of the sport. Chris may prefer San Diego sunshine to the Great White North’s snow, but still has the game of his youth pumping through his veins. Those veins also house the same blood as his brother Steve, which helps put even the smallest of sports trades in perspective.
As trade talk turns to reality for individuals in any sport there are many people potentially affected by it. As a fan it’s easy to want this player that makes your team a contender or offer up someone you don’t like for a bucket of pucks, but good or bad, much more has to happen than stitching new letters on the back of a different colored jersey.
Here’s to hoping Steve, his family and friends are excited about the change of scenery and it ends up being a great move for his career. Go Grizzlies!

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NaplesNews.com (Everblades local coverage) reader comments after the trade:
everblades2: “This sucks. I loved McJannet as he was really starting to get more physical and fight. But with Olson and Bussy we should be okay.”
LadyByngsLoveChild: “Stupid, stupid, stupid Blades. I’m sure Olson and Bussy can handle the physical stuff. Who’s going to fill the agitator role. No one was better than McJannet at the pest stuff.”