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The Washington Capitals beat the New York Rangers, 6-5, at Madison Square garden to run the win streak to 12 games.

Alexander Ovechkin scored two goals and had an assist, while linemate Nicklas Backstrom totaled 5-points (1 G, 4 A).

They just keep finding ways. Tonight was a penalty-ridden game and the Caps surrendered 4 power play goals, but still managed to overcome a two goal deficit and win on the road. I’m just trying to sit back and soak it in. Nice job, guys.

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Todd McFarlane’s sports figure group has released its 4th Alexander Ovechkin figure.

Mine arrived today.

Get yours here, but hurry, the price is climbing and is more than I paid just two days ago.

It is already out of date however, sporting the “A” instead of the captain’s “C” he now has on his jersey.

Pardon the Bog:

I didn’t manage to post this yesterday, but luckily Dan Steinberg in his D.C. Sports Bog did: PTI does Caps Stanley Cup odds

From his blog: “PTI (Pardon the Interruption) “Odds the Caps win the Cup” appeared during PTI’s oddsmakers segment Wednesday afternoon. Wilbon put the odds at 49 percent. Kornheiser chose 60 percent. Those aren’t bad odds.”

Mainstream media are paying attention to the Caps and even putting odds on a Stanley Cup. It is just so foreign, but it is great for the sport at large and even better for Capitals fans.

And in Kornheiser, fashion: Goodnight, Canada.