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For Christmas I received a copy of Bruce Boudreau’s book Gabby: Confessions of a Hockey Lifer. I started reading, but due to travel and work and whatever else, became distracted and lost momentum with the book. I’m still excited to read it, but the head coach has now been trumped by the owner.

A couple chapters into Ted Leonsis’ The Business of Happiness, I look forward to stealing a little reading time each and every day.

I work within interactive marketing and have a passion for digital growth and social media advances we see every day, I am at times old-fashioned and nostalgic when consuming media.

I haven’t done it in years, but I still miss growing up and reading the Washington Post at my family’s kitchen table – careful not to dip a corner of the sports page into my bowl of cereal. It’s the same with books, especially a book like Leonsis’ that welcomes the reader into special moments of maturation, enlightenment and experiences that define who a person is.

Maybe it’s because Mr. Leonsis is already so accessible through his blog, Ted’s Take, but I can’t say my expectations included getting to know the person better, so much as attempting to soak in some of the knowledge he gained through his business success and failures.

An introduction and a couple chapters in and I’m left liking the man who owns my favorite sports team that much more. He has made tough decisions, but ones that started in his youth rather than in the board room. He worked his tail off and appreciates everything that has earned – and more importantly gives back to the community.

I’m sure I’ll give periodic updates as I read on, but wanted to express how enjoyable the beginning of this book is.

Go check it out, you’ll likely be happy you did.