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In a moment of their lives that may never be topped, the athletes of the Canadian women’s Olympic ice hockey team earned gold medals in Vancouver by beating the USA squad, 2-o.

I was obviously cheering for the US team, but I’m incredibly excited for the Canadian team and what this means for them and their country. Many Americans, like myself, would have been excited to have the Star Spangled Banner cap the tournament for the women, but it still would not have been as valuable to as many people.

Team Canada celebrates winning gold after beating the US 2-0. (Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

I still hope that hockey gold is awarded with America’s National Anthem during these Olympics, but am just thankful for how passionate each and every hockey player, male or female, has been throughout these tournaments.

Canadian goalie Shannon Szabados made 28 saves in blanking the Americans and launching herself onto a platform as a National hero. She basically stood on her head for parts of the game, similar to what US men’s goalie Ryan Miller has done up to this point in the Olympics.

Forward Marie-Philip Poulin scored both of the goals for the red, white and black clad home team. How fun must that be to win the most precious medal in the most important sport of your country – and look up in the stands and share it with them?

This is a rivalry that will continue to highlight any women’s hockey tournaments, and I love the fact that the US members are probably already circling dates on their calendars for their shot at redemption, even if they have to wait 4 more years and travel to Sochi in Russia for another shot at Olympic gold.

But now the Canadians will be the ones entering those next winter games as defending champions and it is well-deserved.

Our neighbors to the North live for this and I’m happy for them. They have been great hosts for these games – and they were incredible hosts when I visited Vancouver just before Christmas. Congrats on your women’s gold medal, eh.

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