I am currently in Charleston, SC getting ready for my wedding on Friday night.

This puts me in the position of trying to squeeze in as much NHL news and playoff hockey as I can at any given point of the day.  As I grilled filet mignon in the back yard for my future wife and mother-in-law, I put NHL GameCenter on my laptop and was able to watch a little of the Philadelphia Flyers @ New Jersey Devils game.

With numerous friends making the trip to Charleston from the City of Brotherly Love on Thursday, I’m excited they will be traveling happy after the Flyers pulled the 2-1 upset in game one of their series.

It was also especially exciting to follow the score out of Pittsburgh, with the Ottawa Senators knocking off the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins, 5-4, to start 1-0 in their best-of-seven series.

One game does not make a series, but it’s good to see that no one is getting a free pass just yet (though hopefully the Capitals will against the Canadiens, even if I’m not counting on it).

Now I’ll enjoy the late games as I’m here on the East Coast as the Red Wings just took a 1-0 lead at 7:30 of the 1st period.

And tomorrow I get to pay my nephew to give me updates throughout the Capitals game while we are at the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Please have Versus at the restaurant!