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The #1 overall draft picks for DC based sports teams since 2004:

As the Wizards made John Wall, guard from Kentucky, the first overall selection of the NBA Draft this evening, Team Leonsis and the Washington Nationals have paired up to create the young faces of sports (the Redskins added quarterback Donovan McNabb, which is a good move and a franchise face, but this is focused on the first overall pick of the respective drafts).

The first two, Alex Ovechkin (2004 – NHL) and Stephen Strasburg (2009 – MLB) have stormed into their respective sports. Capitals captain Ovechkin already has a pair of NHL league MVP awards and is not only the face of the franchise, but also is one of the superstars of the entire league. Strasburg is a rookie phenom who already holds the record for most-strikeouts through his first four games (41).

If Harper (MLB – 2010) and Wall (NBA – 2010) can create the same frenzy and immediate success – and all four have staying power over the years, it could be an era of unprecedented multi-team success. If the stars align, Ted Leonsis’ Monumental Sports & Entertainment might want to approach the Nationals about splitting the cost of creating a D.C. version of Mt. Rushmore, Mt. 1-More, to commemorate the vital role played by these 4 overall #1 draft selections’ in creating an even stronger sports community in Washington, D.C.

Good luck to each of them and here’s to championships for Washington in all the respective leagues. I hope this blog post is discussed again about 20 years from now. The glass is half full AND there’s a full pitcher sitting next to it.

And here’s some additional/interesting Wall coverage by Dan Steinberg and his DC Sports Bog. Now bring on the NHL Draft!