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Having been in California the past four years, I was not aware that local DC/Baltimore cable sports channel MASN combined broadcast teams when the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals went head-to-head.

MASN logoI really enjoyed watching the game today, even if I was cheering for the Nationals, who were swept by the O’s during the 3-game series at Camden Yards.

Today’s afternoon finale had former Orioles pitcher Dave Johnson (Orioles’ color analyst) former Reds All Star Rob Dibble (Nats’ color analyst) sharing their views through all 9-innings. Play-by-play broadcasters Bob Carpenter and Jim Hunter took turns with the duo.

The fun and insightful interaction between the two groups kept the banter fresh. It also seemed like both sides truly appreciated the outlook from the other league’s expert(s). Great call MASN and it made for an enhanced viewing experience.

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