The Washington Mystics are playing well and their historically large WNBA crowds are loving it at the Verizon Center in D.C.

The Mystics held on for a 1 point victory, forcing a three-way tie with New York and Indiana for first place in the Eastern Conference. Read more about the on-court action through Katie Carrera’s Washington Post recap:  Mystics 75 – Liberty 74.

The game was entertaining and the crowd was hyped, but the best part of the game was introducing the team and WNBA to my niece. It was her first professional sporting event. My wife and I bought 4 tickets to take her and her Mom as a birthday present. My flickr gallery from last night.

Upon moving back to the D.C. area I promised myself I’d do a better job of supporting all the “Team Ted” squads. In doing so we shared memorable experience with family I’m excited to be back around.

Now we’ll need to hit up a playoff game.