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I enjoy watching outfielder Manny Ramirez swing a bat. He’s entertaining and creates a buzz wherever he goes. I was living in Los Angeles when he joined the Dodgers and experienced Chavez Ravine morphing into “Mannywood.”

What I don’t understand is the current buzz and excitement in the media about him joining the Chicago White Sox for their playoff push. He may sell tickets and bring about that chatter he creates in broadcast booths, newspapers and studio shows, but no one is mentioning his lack of production since being suspended 50 games for banned substances at the beginning of May 2009. Here’s ESPN’s recap of the suspension if you’re interested in the details.

I’m past the point of wondering if his excuse was legit or not, and in all honesty Barry Bonds is my favorite player of all time, so the whole steroids and human growth hormone issue is for someone else to argue about.

Again, I’m writing this out of being stunned by the fact I haven’t heard a member of the media (and quite possibly I just haven’t looked hard enough) question his ability to consistently produce anymore. If he was just bored and not happy to be in L.A. that’s one thing. But if his skills have deteriorated coincidentally after a suspension for performance enhancing supplements, shouldn’t there be some mention of that?

As a fan I’d like to see Manny play well and make it a great race in the AL Central, even if I’d prefer the Twins win the division. Chicago has good fans and I hope they get the opportunity to experience Manny being Manny. At the same time it will be very interesting to look at his final numbers now that he has something to play for and a fresh situation.