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I’m getting Capitals stuff in the mail, but also other teams based off traveling to see Washington play while living on the West Coast.

I saw the Caps drop games the past two seasons in Los Angeles, so now I’m on their mailing list. It’s cool to see what other teams are doing in their marketing approach.

This example from the Kings is simple, but really spotlights their captain, Dustin Brown. It’s a tough city to create a hockey star (unless you’re named Gretzky), but they are a solid young team with great talent. I hope this ticket mailer works for them.

I also received an e-newsletter from the Vancouver Canucks, who my wife and I saw the Caps play last December. They’ve revamped their content, look and feel is what is explained. I only saw it on my Blackberry, so still need to check on a larger browser to confirm the story.

All it means is that we are that much closer to the NHL regular season officially starting.

Can’t wait, especially since we’re back home and can be a bigger part of the Capitals community.