The evening of Saturday, November 20, 2010, the Maryland Terrapins hosted the Florida State Seminoles in an ACC night game.

The Seminoles held off the Terps, eliminating Maryland from the ACC’s Atlantic Division title chase.

I went to the game with my wife and some friends, meeting up with 100 other fans for a very large (and fun) tailgate party.

My time there was short as I was lucky enough to get on the field during pre-game warm-ups thanks to friends at Florida State.

Enjoy the pictures from the sidelines, the stands and even a few from early at the tailgate (including some of the 1,020 beverages that were in the bed of a truck, packed in ice).

It was a fun evening catching up with some great old friends from near and far, as well as some newer friends that we’re really enjoying spending time with. Thanks to everyone who was there. Enjoy the album and comment if you have a favorite shot.

Flickr Photo Re-cap by Ross Hollebon: Florida State @ Maryland – 11/20/2010

I have also linked to the story of the game from the Washington Post.

Maryland football suffers deflating 30 – 16 loss to Florida State.