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The Washington Redskins ended their season on Sunday with a loss to the New York Giants, 17-14.

Much like most of the season, they had opportunities, but for one reason or another just couldn’t put it all together. Homer McFanboy does a good breakdown of the game through music with his Giants Playlist post.

With the Haynesworth and McNabb situations looming over parts of the season, it still seemed as though the organization took a step in the right direction with veteran head coach Mike Shanahan at the helm.

Now comes time to evaluate the roster and prep for next season – if the CBA (collective bargaining agreement) doesn’t interfere.

One of the major players involved in that process this offseason is represented in the images below, as DeMaurice Smith (Executive Director of the NFL Players Association) was a regular visitor of games at FedExField this season.

I’ll be posting playoff predictions as the games approach so be sure to check back.

Thanks for the visit and hope you enjoy these random shots. Please comment if you have a favorite.

(And I was slow to the draw Sunday or my favorite shot would have been a beaming Washington Capitals D Karl Alzner coming off the elevator – the day after Washington’s Winter Classic victory).