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Thanks for reading (Ross and Hil)

My lovely wife Hilary beat me in her office pool by 2 games this season. We were neck and neck all year and she took advantage of my bad showing in week 16. Now we’ll make our picks public for the NFL post-season and see if I can even things out. Enjoy:

Saints at Seahawks (Hilary)

Part of me wants to pick the Seahawks, just because the entire world is picking the Saints. But if I were a betting woman, which I’m not, logic tells me to pick the Saints. They have the veteran leadership, a ballsy coach, and yeah, they’ve done this before. I’m sure Qwest Field will be insanely loud, and weather in the Pacific Northwest can always be a factor, but the Seahawks have a new head coach, a questionable quarterback situation, and a 7-9 record, and I’m picking the Saints over the Seahawks 24-10.

Saints at Seahawks (Ross)

Sean Payton and Drew Brees. I think that says it all. Pete Carroll rallied his Seattle troops (and I’m really happy for Bill and Kenton) to take the NFC West. The Seahawks scratched and clawed their way in and won when they absolutely had to. Meanwhile, the Saints are starting to come to life just in time to make a statement and let the remaining teams know they intend to defend their title. Saints 35 – Seahawks 14.
Jets at Colts (Hilary)
The Colts screwed me several times in this year’s Groove Commerce pick ’ems, but I always have a very hard time picking against Peyton Manning. And I’m not going to do it this time either. I love Rex Ryan, I miss Bart Scott, and I think the Jets will give the Colts a big scare. But I don’t yet trust Sanchez and Manning is the most brilliant offensive player I’ve had the pleasure of watching. I don’t think it’s going to be a shoot-out, Colts over the Jets 20-14, OVERTIME (no going for field goals to win in this year’s playoff overtime!).

Jets at Colts (Ross)

Last year I picked the Jets in this post-season match-up. Peyton Manning got me again. At this stage in his career and with a banged up offense I should feel fine going with the Jets, but I just can’t go against #18 at home again. This very well could be the year where Rex Ryan’s defense (Ravens or Jets) finally derails the Manning express, but I’ve seen it end the other way too often not to pick the Colts. I think a defensive touchdown wins this game, one way or the other. Colts 20 – Jets 14