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Him and Her went 0-4 Saturday, so we’re looking to get back on track as Wild Card Weekend comes to a close. And the picks are:

Ravens at Chiefs (Hilary)

Total disclosure: I am a huge Ravens fan. You may not like them, you may wonder how the heck they won 12 games this year, but there’s no arguing that the AFC North is an extremely tough division and the Ravens just barely missed being the #2 seed in the AFC. They’ve been in the playoffs three years in a row, they have talented, veteran leadership, they’ve won on the road before. I don’t know the Chiefs well, having seen them play very little this year. I just don’t think they’ll hold up against the Ravens defense and (hopefully) their punishing running game. Ravens over Chiefs 17-10.

Ravens at Chiefs (Ross)

Since Clark Hunt took over as chairman and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs all he has done is provide growth and promise while trimming old school thinkers who were holding the storied franchise back. He added qualified and energetic thinkers who understand the new NFL.

The results have been favorable for the BBQ loving fans and the on-field product in the show me state. Much like the Ravens with Ozzie Newsome, Kansas City brought in Scott Pioli to be the central pillar of a remolded foundation. I admire Todd Haley’s aggressiveness and bravado as a head coach and can see he spent time with Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm, even if he has his own style and the player’s seem to have bought in to it.

I see the Chiefs and their coaching staff as having a united front on who they are as a football team. I think this is the main weakness for the Ravens. The offense can’t decide if they are a team the sets up the run with the pass or vice versa (and I honestly believe if Cam Cameron thought it would get him another head coaching gig, he’d use the Delaware Wing-T all game).

The defense has one of the greatest leaders of all time on the field in Ray Lewis, but the bruiser, chip on the shoulder attitude under the headset seems to have vanished. Gone are the days of Marvin Lewis, Jack Del Rio, Mike Nolan and Rex Ryan.

That being said, I think the Ravens talent, experience and on-field leadership can lead the way to the divisional playoff round if the offense doesn’t try to be too sexy for their own good. I also think this can be a shootout that fans may not be expecting. Ravens 35 – Chiefs 31

Packers at Eagles (Hilary)

Plain and simple – I like the Packers better. I am not able to forgive Vick for what he’s done and I don’t want them to win (I’m sorry to all my Philly friends). Sports are emotional and I’m leading with my heart in this one. Aaron Rodgers will have a big day, Clay Matthews and the Green Bay defense will swarm and pound on Vick and, Go Pack Go over the Eagles 27-21.

Packers at Eagles (Ross)

Aaron Rodgers is my favorite offensive player in the league (Bart Scott and Ray Lewis tied on defense), but I think the lack of running game for the Packers is going to burn them. It’s funny that Marshawn Lynch had a decent day for Seattle in a playoff win yesterday, as I remember rumblings (or at least media reports of rumblings) coming out of Green Bay’s locker room when the Pack didn’t go after him.

I’m going with Philly at home because of a more well-rounded team and a ferocious fan base that wills itself to be part of the game. Eagles 27 – Packers 21.