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Ravens at Steelers (Hilary)

Ugggggghhhhhhh. Time to pick with my heart again. Logic says the Steelers will win – there’s really no reason to pick against them. But I can’t pick my team to lose. It’s gonna be a rough game, ugly, and close. Ravens over the Steelers 14-10.

Ravens at Steelers (Ross)

This is what football, and especially playoff football, is all about. There isn’t a second of film that hasn’t been analyzed. There is not a surprise player lurking on a roster. These teams may know each other better than they actually know themselves. That means it is based on execution of the game plan, physicality, big plays by big players and maybe some luck sprinkled in.

Based on the fact they won there earlier this year and outplayed them in a loss at Baltimore, I’m going to stay completely biased and pick the Ravens over the Steelers, 24 – 14.

Packers at Falcons (Hilary)

I really like Aaron Rodgers and his Pack. But the Falcons were clicking on all facets this year and were marvelous at home. Green Bay pulled out one tough road game, but they’re not going to do it again. Falcons over the Packers 27-17.

Packers at Falcons (Ross)

Not that I don’t think the Packers are talented enough to win this game, but I think the Falcons will be too well prepared to lose this. From GM Thomas Dmitroff to Head Coach Mike Smith, this team is meticulous and measured. They will establish the run with Michael Turner and set up the pass that way.

Green Bay will move the ball, but I just imagine the Falcons D stepping up in the Georgia Dome and stopping Aaron Rodgers just enough to move on. Falcons protect their house 32 – 28.