So here we are 2 games away from Conference Championship Sunday, and it is a good thing I’m not a doctor – because I couldn’t read a pulse right now if anyone’s life depended on it. But like a basketball player in a slump I’ll try to shoot my way out of it and keep picking. Here we go for Divisional Sunday:

Seahawks at Bears (Hilary)

How crazy would it be if the Seahawks hosted the Packers for the NFC Championship? I don’t think it’s gonna happen, because I’m picking the Bears. But at the rate I’m going, picking the Bears means the Seahawks will absolutely win. I’m not feeling too wordy today – Bears over Seahawks 24-17

Seahawks at Bears (Ross)

It would be really fun to see the Seahawks pull this one out and they beat the Bears in Chicago earlier in the year, but I don;t see it happening again. Julius Peppers is going to have a big day and Cutler will make mistakes, but not the critical one he so often does. Bears 17 – Seahawks 13 in a close one.

Jets at Patriots (Hilary)

Coming from a bitter Ravens fan, I’m hoping the Patriots win because I think they have a better shot at beating Pittsburgh. I like the Jets a lot and love Rexy, but the Patriots are playing lights out right now and Belichick and Brady are mighty fierce competitors. Patriots over the Jets 35-20

Jets at Patriots (Ross)

I’m sticking with the home team once again, even though I’ll be wearing a Jets jersey for this one. Each time Rex Ryan says its personal, I think Bill Belichick hopes to be able to run it up by at least another 3 points. The Jets will give them a fight, but New England gets ready to host Pittsburgh next week. Patriots 38 – Jets 24.