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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers earned the MVP of Super Bowl XLV tonight, but that doesn’t begin to acknowledge who he is or what he has accomplished in the NFL.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the MVP of Super Bowl XLV, and linebacker Clay Matthews celebrate during the postgame awards ceremony after defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-25, on Sunday at Cowboys Stadium. (Mark J. Rebilas / US Presswire / February 6, 2011)

What the NFL has here is a poster boy for how to conduct yourself as a professional and still have fun playing the game.

Rodgers is talented but humble. He waited in the wings while his predecessor played games with the Packers front office, leaving the !st round pick to dangle in the wind. But Rodgers took it in stride and made the most of his time as a back-up, learning the complicated position of NFL QB and understanding how to lead.

Rodgers stepped in and took over for a legend in a historic NFL market. He did so without flinching and has matured into a superstar with every snap taken, learning from mistakes and being a consummate teammate.

The former Cal Golden Bear makes the game fun to watch for so many reasons. He respects the game but still finds a way to have a youthful exuberance. Who else would wear a championship belt up on the post-game podium of the Super Bowl, after having the goofy WWE celebration motion all season long? Rodgers makes fans like him and the Packers.

My nephew opened a Fathead of Rodgers this past Christmas and I couldn’t wait to open it up and hang it on the wall with him.

I love the fact Rodgers won a Super Bowl championship tonight over a very tough Pittsburgh Steelers team. But what I find more enjoyable is that parents and relatives should be relieved to know there are good role models – worthy of sharing space on the walls of their home – in the NFL and they should be celebrated and used as a good example to work hard, be patient and have fun no matter what the situation.

Congratulations Aaron, the Green Bay Packers and all their fans.

(And for the record: Art Monk was my sports idol growing up – and I see many similarities between Rodgers and the HOF wide receiver).

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