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During a time period where Harry Potter took the world by storm, there was indeed one wizard, or group of them, that were less popular than Lord Voldemort.

The Washington Wizards now attempt to re-engage and energize their fan base by evolving their brand, celebrating the glory days, and sporting a tightened up version of all things visual in their locker room, team store at Verizon Center and marketing department.

No stranger to righting the ship, in the name of Washington, D.C. and its fans, Ted Leonsis, founder, chairman and majority owner of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, did it again on Tuesday.

You can read the details of the event here or continue on and get a quick re-cap and some screen grabs from the live streaming event and the before and after shots of washingtonwizards.com.

The Colors: Red, white and blue are back, accompanied by a hint of silver at times.

The Jerseys: Sleek-retro? Whatever it is deemed, I’m a fan and feel Monumental took what they learned from the Capitals re-brand a few years ago and wisely didn’t re-invent the wheel.

The Logos: The two they shared include an updated version of the traditional reaching hands (from the Bullets old logo), the Washington Monument and DC. I’m assuming the third is the “Wizard/Crescent Moon” logo in red, white and blue that was absolutely abhorred by fans when it leaked early. In a smart move, the Wizards did not invite the bastard step-logo to the festivities.

The Website:

WashingtonWizards.com before and after. The update just feels right and couldn’t be some generic movie team that plays in some random location. Pride of representing the Nation’s Capital shines through and there is energy between the colors, landmarks and logos.

Thank you Ted, Monumental Sports & Entertainment and everyone with the Wizards, NBA and Adidas that made this happen. I’ll be excited to get my first shirt and hat in the near future and even if my heart is with the Capitals, I will go out of my way to attend at least a couple of Wizards games at Verizon Center next season.